If we choose to be mindful of the "now" we will appreciate the present moment instead of comparing it to the past or future. It’s impossible to be content with a training session when you are comparing it to last week’s PR or what it might be like tomorrow after a good night of sleep.

Change Your Perspective – Train in the Present Moment

You know that feeling when you hit a PR, you finally nail a handstand for a few seconds away from a wall, or you’ve realized your toes actually touch your head in vrschikasana? Yesterday was not that kind of day for me. There were no PRs, I didn’t fly gracefully in my yoga practice, and frankly, I felt like crap and looked like I had never been in a gym before.

If I felt so terrible, why write about it, right? Well, for the first time in a while I am quite proud of my uncomfortable training session. I changed my perspective, applied some of my yoga practice to my training, and it totally helped me focus on the present moment. I know I am not alone in the struggle to be present, because those I love have expressed the same thing. Continue reading

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Paleo & Postures for a Heart Opening Valentine’s Day Weekend

I love a holiday that encourages love and good eats. Whether you spend Valentine’s Day going out, cuddling up at home, celebrating your solo self, or don’t acknowledge it at all, an opportunity to open your heart and express gratitude is good for the mind and body.

Plus, I know it gives us the chance to inhale eat paleo-friendly treats and dinners that we normally don’t. Valentine’s Day = Treat yo’ self! 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by honoring your body with some chest-opening asanas and delicious paleo eats. You can even try these with your yogi or non-yogi partner to kick-off the holiday a bit differently this year. Continue reading

Everyone starts somewhere. This is Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, or mermaid pose, and is great for opening the hips, shoulders, upper back, and psoas. Postures and variations will be dissected and instructed on the blog.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Welcome to The Paleo Yogi Life! My name is Ben and I decided to start a blog dedicated to health and wellness, both inside of the body and out.

This month, I finished my RYT-200 certification to teach yoga. While I am not a trained nutritionist or personal trainer, I am on a journey to feel, perform, and be as healthy as possible. I also have the luxury of sharing my life with a fitness coach who has a kinesiology degree and a love for real food and movement. Together we will share some of the things we do on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s primarily paleo recipes, workouts, yoga practices and poses, philosophies, and more.

So why The Paleo Yogi Life?

I know the name “Paleo Yogi” may seem like a contradiction, but the union between the two is where I have found my happy place. See, I don’t believe in one way of thinking to be the absolute solution to modern day health challenges or stress. Eating real food, exercising, yoga, movement, decompressing after a stressful day, and being mindful of your body can transform how you feel. Continue reading